LET'S MEET FOR  coffee

Time is something we all need more of. Terese and Candice are acutely aware of this and after many discussions on the subject, between themselves and with others, T|C Personal Concierge Services was born. 
Terese, though originally from Sweden, grew up in several places around the world and has a background in hospitality management. Her time management and organizational skills have served her well in taking care of her four, now school aged, children for the past several years.
Candice was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina where hospitality reigns.   She is married with two children, two fur babies and in the process of restoring an early 1900’s farmhouse.  She runs on coffee, coffee and more coffee and loves to laugh (usually at the most inappropriate times). 
Terese and Candice have both found that one of the greatest joys in life is being able to help others and have fun while doing it. Now they would like to help you! 

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